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Hollywood ünlülerin hakkımızda söyledikleri.

Jeremy Jackson

( Sahil Güvenlik )

Merkezimizde Saç Ekimi ve Liposuction yaptıran Jeremy Jackson sonuçlardan çok memnun kaldığını belirtti.

This really is a wonderful hospital, state of the art technology and hygiene. Results of my operation are amazing, I want to thank everyone involved. Highly recommended!

Christopher Atkins

( Mavi Göl )

1980 yılında Hollywood'un en güzel aktrislerinden Brooke Shields ile başrolü paylaştığı “Mavi Göl”le tanınan Christopher Atkins, yüz gerdirme operasyonu için Türkiye’ye geldi.

I'd heard about Newest from Jeremy Jackson, Erika Eleniak and many other friends of mine from L.A. I like being out in the sun, spending time outdoors, going for a walk, water-skiing or fishing. All these caused me to develop many wrinkles. I ended up choosing Newest for a surgery-free facelift and I couldn't be happier about the result.

Bai Ling

( Tetikçi 2: Yüksek Gerilim )

Amerikalı film yıldızı Bai Ling göğüs operasyonu için Newest'i seçti.   

I had my breasts done here at Newest and I'm really glad I picked this place: the results are very impressive! I'm amazed at how talented and knowledgeable my doctors are, not to mention personable and comforting. If I ever need plastic surgery again, this is where I'm coming.

Erika Eleniak

( Sahil Güvenlik )

Sahil güvenlik dizisinin ünlü yıldızı Erika Eleniak estetik ameliyatlar için seçtiği Newest için "Bundan sonra tek tercihim olacak" dedi.

Every single person at Newest knows what they are doing. The hospital is very, very clean and everyone is so warm and welcoming. The doctors are experts at their fields. I don’t think I’ll ever need an alternative to this place.


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